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6 Stanton Close

Tel: 0800 0850257
Fault Reporting
If you have a fault with a streetlight near you, please report it using the form below.  Please make sure you provide as much detail as possible to help us identify the fault. 

During office hours : You can also call us to report a fault on 0800 0850257
Out of Hours Emergencies only : If a column is in dangerous condition (e.g.has been struck by a vehicle and is leaning or has wiring exposed), this is an Emergency and you should phone us immediately. If the Emergency occurs outside office hours (outside Mon-Fri 08.30-16.30), you should call our out of hours team directly on 0800 0850284 to report any street light in dangerous condition. We are unable to attend to 'Lamp not working' type reports outside normal working hours and you should complete the form below for these issues.  

Contact Telephone
Unit Number/Location
Description of Fault
If you require a confirmation email with details of your fault then please provide us with your email address below.
(Note: This email address is not stored by the website and will only be used to send this message and communicate with you specifically with regards to this fault).
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